[Samba] Offline File Syncing

Nikolaus Filus nfilus at gmx.net
Tue Aug 20 02:15:01 GMT 2002


I'm using samba 2.2.4 as a fileserver in a Win2K domain with AD
functionality. Our users are using offline-folders for syncing with samba,
when offline or not at office. But recently many of them report failures
during the syncing process with a growing number of files. After studying
the logfiles, I was able to find out, that failing chmod attempts from the
clients are the reason. As didn't find any config option for deactivating
the chmods on client or server side, I want to try modifying the source
code, with the result every chmod on files not belonging to the accessing
user (99% belongs to root), are finished with state OK. So no errors are
reported to the clients.

Where to look for the change or maybe is there another solution to my

Thanks in advance,

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