[Samba] Error when logging off a W2K Client!

Michael Ervens Michael.Ervens at go-eco.com
Mon Aug 19 22:41:01 GMT 2002

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Hi * !

I just posted a message (I thought) a day ago. I'm not sure that my message 
reached the mailing list so I try to send it again!

Please !!! If somebody has an idea where the problem is ... tell me!

Here comes the message again (this time completely in english):

- ---- snip -----
I have set up Samba as a PDC / Logon-Server for W2K Clients!
Everything went fine and I configured it as the Documentation said.

But suddenly, when I log off from W2K i get the following message:

Saving the serverbased profile failed!
Details: Not enough space on device.

(I don't know if this a correct/perfect translation of the german 

BUT THERE is enough space!!! I can't figure out, where he tries to save the
profile! I thought it would be under \\%N\profiles\%U (like the docu says).
- ---- snap ---

Perhaps some more information about the server:
solaris 8.0
samba 2.2.2

the client:
Laptop with W2K SP2

Configured Samba like the PDC said with a netlogon and a profiles share. 
I think i did the permissions correct, too.

So what ?!

Greetings, Michael
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