[Samba] Winbind cannot find/connect to PDC.

Thomas Baecker Baecker at IRF.de
Mon Aug 19 21:34:01 GMT 2002


> Hi all. Funny thing happend: I had winbindd working, but now I can't get it 
> back up correctly.  I'm not sure what I'm doing differently. Samba version 
> 2.2.5. 'wbinfo -u' says "Error looking up domain users".  I joined the 
> domain with the command: 
>	'smbpasswd -j OUR_DOMAIN -r thepdc -U Administrator'
> and this returned saying "Joined domain OUR_DOMAIN". Both smbd and nmbd are 
> running, so is the ldap server if that matters. winbind says 
> certain what that means.  I can ping the PDC, and I did join the domain.

Exactly the same happened to me! Before that I had samba version 2.2.2 working 
with no problem at all - including winbindd.
Now e.g. wbinfo cannot 'ping' winbindd using 'wbinfo -p' command but winbindd 
started up (with error messages like yours though).

I figured out that winbindd did not create a pipe in /tmp/.winbindd which it 
should do on startup. Tell me - does your winbindd do that correctly (you may 
need to move/delete some old /tmp/.winbindd directory before starting up the 
I understand that e.g. wbinfo sends requests to winbindd itself through that 
pipe. Maybe there is a problem creating/using the pipe on our systems?

I'm using a stripped down version of SuSE Linux 8.0 with samba built from a 
source rpm package. Libc version is 2.2.5 and libacl/libattr are taken from 
current XFS release.


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