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Prianggada I Tanaya prianggada.indratanaya at indonesian-aerospace.com
Mon Aug 19 16:18:01 GMT 2002

On Monday 19 August 2002 09:09 pm, Bruno wrote:
> Hi everybody!!
> I have a Red Hat Linux server 7.3, and I installed the Samba Server,
> because I have an intranet, and all the computers are Win 98, I
> configure the samba, and every computers see the server in the right
> workgroup, but, any of them can open it, tell me that the computer
> doesn’t exist whe we click on the Server icon.... Do you know why???
> Thanks,
> Bruno Chavez

Hello Bruno,

I think you question is not clear enough. Anyway, to my understanding,
you can not open a share directory at LINUX server from Win98. Am I right ?
Hopefully yes.

Have you check the window98 registry?
You have to add a new DWORD value.
Value Name: EnablePlainTextPassword
Data: 0x01

This setting is used when you would like to have unencrypted password.
You should also set smb.conf parameter for this typical password.

Detail of this step, you could find in SMB HOWTO 
Otherwise, it could be found also in using_samba, other possibility,
install samba-swat.

++ pit ++

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