[Samba] force duplex mode for Apple LW8500 printer

Akop Pogosian akopps at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 19 13:46:02 GMT 2002

Hello. We have an Apple LaserWriter8500 printer that has a duplex
printing unit. The printer is configured to print on both sides of a
sheet by default (e.g. if I print a document with unix lpr command,
they print on both sides). However, I couldn't manage to make my Win2k
desktop to print dual-sided output on that printer although I am
sending the jobs to the same LPRng queue (routed through Samba 2.2.5).
I have the Apple LW8500 driver installed but nowhere in the printer or
page settings I can find the option for selecting either simplex or
duplex output. I did select the option that says something like
"duplex unit installed" in the printer properties (by the way, this
option shows up when I browse the printer properties of the printer
shared from the server, the printer that has been added to the printer
control panel does not have this option in it's properties). I have
tried printing to a file and it seems to me that Win2k explicitly
disables duplex output in the produced postscript file.  Did anyone
else manage to print dual-sided output on Apple LW8500 from Win2k? How
did you do it?


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