[Samba] Printers Always Paused - A Solution

Shane Drinkwater Shane_Drinkwater at pa-ucl.com
Mon Aug 19 12:51:01 GMT 2002

That works pretty slick!!!!
			Thank you

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I had a problem with Samba 2.2.5 with the printers being 
permanantly paused to Windows machines. They could print OK - it 
was only the status that was wrong.

The reason for this was because I had used the word office in the 
printer name / comment. This was causing the parser which 
recognises the printer status to find 'off' pausing the printer.

A quick fix for this is to replace the line in source/printing/lpq_parse.c 

Do a search for the line stat1_strings is defined and put a space on 
both sides of off. The line should read something like

static char *stat1_strings[] = { "offline", "disabled", "down", " off ", 
"waiting", "no daemon", NULL };

This stops the printer being paused (after recompiling & restarting). 
This might cause a problem if your printer status does actually report 
"off" somewhere in the line but a quick test of a HP jetdirect printer 
didn't mention off at all when turned off.

Hope this helps someone somewhere cause I spent a couple of 
hours trying to solve this

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