[Samba] Print Job Notification

Joao Soares Veiga jsveiga at rf.com.br
Mon Aug 19 08:41:01 GMT 2002

Hi, I think what he means is that Win2k (and WinXP Pro) spools it on what
looks like a local print server, then sends it to the real (Samba) server.

The application (word, excel, etc) correcly sends the job name to the
"server", but that's the Win2k/XP local server. When the job is finally sent
to the Samba server, the job name is lost and what's sent to Samba (and put
into %J) is "Remote Downlevel Document".

I have a notebook with WinXP Home that didn't do this, and my boss has a
WinXP Pro which did (and it was not good for our pdf-making scheme (
http://rf.com.br/linux/pdfconv.html )).

I've changed this on the WinXP Professional registry (it was the only
different thing between my XP Home and his XP Pro) and %J now correctly
shows the job/file name.
(this applies to Win XP Professional, may be the same for Win2k)

On regedit "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Ports" I've removed the "port" pointing to the samba
shared printer (yeah, looked strange to me too. On my XP Home it wasn't
there, and the "Ports" tab on the samba printer properties shows the printer
connected to nothing).

I've also tried to change the "serverName", "shortServerName", "uNCName"
under the "DsSpooler" entries to point directly to the samba shared printer
instead of to the Windows client, and the "printSpooling" from
"PrintWhileSpooling" to "PrintDirect". I've returned these to the original
settings, since it looked like they had no effect. I just mention it here
since I CAN'T MAKE IT NOT WORK anymore (I've all the original setting to
what it was before, and it still works...), so maybe the process of changing
it all and rebooting and then back is part of the Windows enigma.

BTW, this XP Pro machine used to have Win98, which worked correctly for the
%J. After the upgrade (not clean install) to XP, the "Remote Downlevel
Document" started showing up.

Joao Soares Veiga
RF COM Sistemas Ltda.

>%J is supposed to contain the banner page for the print job, and this
>is what is captured by the script. I do not know what you mean by Win2k
>double spooling. Is the an intrinsic property of win2k or of some
>arrangement you have?


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