[Samba] join domain problem with Samba 3.0 alpha18

lu jianliang j.lu at tiesse.com
Mon Aug 19 06:36:00 GMT 2002

I've compiled the SAMBA 3.0 alpha18 with all default options and installed
well. Then I would join my NT 4.0 machine using the following steps (manual,
not On the fly):

	# useradd -g groupid -d /dev/null  -c "comment" -s /bin/false -m
	# passwd -l machine_name$
	# smbpasswd -a -m machine_name$
after that I tried to join my NT4.0 to the Samba PDC, but it  failed with
this message: "The machine account for this computer either does not exist
or is inaccessible".
With Samba 2.2.5 it workes all right, also join domain. My Linux system is
RedHead 7.1.

Thanks for any info that could help me to solve this problem.

Jianliang Lu
Tiesse S.P.A.
Via Jervis, 60     10015 Ivrea (TO)    Italy
Email: j.lu at tiesse.com
phone: 0125 6

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