[Samba] Synchronisation of roaming profiles

Laurent Mallet mallet at linagora.com
Mon Aug 19 04:28:00 GMT 2002


I have installed a PDC with samba 2.2.5 and roaming profile on w2k clients.
At the beginning profiles were synchronisation (sync) with servers but with 
few days (two weeks) the sync disappear.
The problem is : bob, client on pc1, has is profile on local machine not sync 
with date today. This evening, he disconnects from his session. The server is 
not sync. Tomorrow, he uses another pc (pc2) so there is a sync with profile 
of the server. When he loggoffs, the server does a sync with clients. When he 
logons on pc1, it does the sync and data on pc1 disappears. Any idea....
I have look date of NTuser.DAT and date is older on server than client 
When i delete NTuser.DAT on server when a session is open, the sync restart.

i have verified :
Time is sync between with clients and the PDC. 

Best regards,

Laurent Mallet
mallet at linagora.com

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