[Samba] Applying ACL patches

Martin (Tino) Peikert tino at nolog.org
Mon Aug 19 04:26:01 GMT 2002

Hello David,

David.Nunn at hart.gov.uk wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have redhat 7.3 with
> the 2.4.18-3 kernel and after applying the acl patches to the kernel,
> running make menuconfig and make dep I then run make bzImage which produces
> the following error:

RedHat has patched their kernel - but don't ask me what patches they 

I got ACL support using _XFS_ with the kernel sources I got from from 
cvs/SGI. For further instructions to check out the sources see 

After editing the configure script of samba 2.2.3 as David Lukastik 
supposed about a week agi in this list:
 > I solved this (XFS+ACL+Samba) problem.
 > I add -lattr into configure script.
 > Find all "LIBS= -lacl" and replace "LIBS= -lacl $LIBS" by "LIBS= -lacl
 > -lattr $LIBS"
 > After adding configure writes:
 > checking for ACL support... yes
 > Using Posix ACLs.
 > I don't know why -lattr was removed from configure script. :o(

There are two lines you have to edit. Thats the way I could configure 
and compile samba with ACL support (I couldn't build a debian package 
with ACL support - but I'm in contact with the people at debian).


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