[Samba] Challenge to experts: Is archive bit so difficult?

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Sun Aug 18 23:58:00 GMT 2002

>From: Bing Zhang <bzhang at sohar.com>
>To: "'samba at lists.samba.org'" <samba at lists.samba.org>
>Subject: [Samba] Challenge to experts: Is archive bit so difficult?
>Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:27:45 -0700
>For the backup operator on NT side, we created an exact username on linux
>with root previlige. This operator is also a samba administrator. DOS file
>mode and map archive bit are both enabled. Still if I login in as backup
>operator on NT box and issue attrib -a filename on a file not owned by the
>operator, the operation failed. All the files belong to a group called user.
>This group can read the file but do not have write right on the files not
>owned by them. But since the operator is in root group, this should not

Ah. possibly not.

I think you're hiiting a classic UNIX-side permissions thing.  Only the
owner of an object (or root) can change the permissions on it.

Being in the root group is _not_ good enough.

To check this, try logging in directly to the Linux box (on the console,
with telnet, etc.) as the backup user and try the equivalent 'chmod'
commands yourself.

To solve this problem you may find 'force user' a useful option.

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