[Samba] Are these BUGS? anyone experienced either of these?

peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au
Sun Aug 18 22:58:01 GMT 2002

I have experienced a couple of (minor) problems with Samba

Thought I would report these and ask if they are known problems.

1. Problem with "!" in username map file

2. Samba tools e.g. smbstatus, testparm not accounting for "config file"

1.  There appears to be a problem with a minor part of username map file

     When I put an exclamation mark before a line in the file, that is supposed
     to stop any further mapping if a match has already been made.
     That's what I understand to be the case.
     This is not happening for me.

     When I connect from a Win2k machine as Administrator, the log file
     records the mapping from Administrator to smbadmin,
     then instead of stopping after the ! exclamation point line,
     it continues on and maps with the  wildcard mapping.

     Can anyone else verify this behaviour for me.

     Below is a sample of my username map file and
     the log file.

     username map file
     smbadmin = administrator Administrator
     nobody = user1
     nobody = user2
     nobody = user3
     !nobody = user99

     nobody = *

     ;The ! means to stop processing file after this line if a match has already
 been made.
     ;Otherwise, process the next line...

     samba log file
     [2002/08/16 16:20:27, 3] lib/username.c:map_username(168)
       Mapped user Administrator to smbadmin
     [2002/08/16 16:20:27, 3] lib/username.c:map_username(168)
       Mapped user smbadmin to nobody

2.  Samba tools not processing "config file"

     I use the "config file" parameter in my conf file (allows me to use
     conf files depending on the server)
     The problem is that  the Samba tools do not take this line into account.
     The two that I have noticed are testparm and smbstatus.
     Testparm returns the default settings instead of my settings for conf file.
     smbstatus says it can't find the lock file, since the config file tells it
     where to find it (it looks in default location).

Not major concerns, but worth reporting I think.
I'm not sure if other tools/processes don't 'traverse' the "config file"
but it could be a problem.

Has this been a problem for anyone else?
I know I could remove the config file param and put the file in the standard
but this would muck up the current system.   :-(

Any comments welcome, about fixes / planned fixes or experience with either of

p.s.  using Samba 2.2.5, Win2k and Solaris 8

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