[Samba] NT domain workstation -> workgroup samba server problems.

Matt.Gregory at ctimi.com Matt.Gregory at ctimi.com
Sun Aug 18 17:16:00 GMT 2002

I had (have) two machines in a Windows NT domain, one is Windows XP Pro 
and the other is Windows 2000 Pro.  The domain is CTI1.

I set up a samba share with encrypted passwords under the workgroup EBIZ. 
Users have been ported from system users and I set up passwords for my 
test user, 'mgregory' using /usr/bin/smbpasswd.

I can see the workgroup, and I can see the server name (let's call it 
BIGSERVER).  When I try get a list from the workgroup, it takes a very 
long time, but I can (usually... not always) see the server listed in both 
2000 and XP.  If I try to brows the computer, I get an error saying that 
the network resource cannot be viewed (different messages meaning the same 
thing in XP and 2k).  If I try to do a net view or a net use, I get an 
"System error 53".  This shows up.

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