[Samba] Samba download Performance problems

vincent blondel vincent.blondel at chello.be
Sat Aug 17 22:05:01 GMT 2002


I have the same problem. I have sure to configure a specific value in the kernel or in samba but which one ???
Which client do you use ???
what type of machine is your computer ??? ( CPU / Memory / RAID / Ethernet bandwith ... )

Has somebody a solution for us ???

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> I'm running samba 2.2.5 on gentoo linux 1.2 (kernel 2.4.19). I'm having
> extremely poor performance when using windows 2000 clients(about 300kbit/s),
> but when I connect to the same machine with smbmount from linux the transfer
> rates are ok(about 25000kBit/s). Anyone know what could be the problem?
> .thanks
> Onni Rautanen

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  Hi all,

  I had a few months ago problems with my linux server running slackware 8 and kernel 2.4.18 with samba 2.2.0a. I could not upload files on my server at more than 220 ko/s.

  This problem is now resolved with my recent upgrade of samba to version 2.2.5. I had to decrease SO_RCVBUF to 4096 in my smb.conf too. Between my previous value that was 8192 and the new one ( 4096 ) my upload increases from 220 to 960 ko/s. Right, this is perfect. 

  But now, I got the same problem with the download. I can well download files at 960 ko/s through an FTP connection ( ProFtpd ) but I only get 300 ko/s with samba. 

  I already changed the SO_SNDBUF between 4096, 8192 and 16384 but nothing change.

  Has somebody a solution for me ???
  Thanks in advance
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