[Samba] Samba isn't functional here?? Or my settings??

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Aug 17 01:51:00 GMT 2002

Strickland Christopher B DLVA wrote:
> Hello all.  I've encountered a strange situation while testing samba-2.2.5.
> We placed a .exe file within a samba share and gave only read permissions to
> everyone.  It mapped correctly on the unix side and it appears in the NT
> security box with only read permissions for everyone, but it still executes
> when opened.  I've included my smb.conf file and the host is a Sun
> Microsystems Enterprise 10K running Solaris 7.  I'm stumped on this one
> guys.  Please reply with any ideas or suggestions.

We don't do any mapping of windows 'execute' permissions - I'm not sure
they are even well defined in SMB anyway.  I've seen some vague flags
somewhere, but implementing this in Samba would be non-trivial.

The problem is that Samba leave file permissions up to the OS, and it's
kernel.  We return 'access denied' when the kernel won't allow us to
open/read/write rather than checking permissions manually.

Because *we* are opening the file for read, (even if the client is
attempting to execute it) we can't get the kernel to enforce such a

There are ideas around to rewrite the VFS layer for NT semantics, and
this would allow you to write a (still race prone) module to accomplish
what you desire.

Andrew Bartlett

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