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Fri Aug 16 12:58:00 GMT 2002

Dear Sir/lady, 

Heightening Shoes, are you interest in it? Its points as below:

1. It's suitable for the short of people with the design of its invisible heightening layers(insole). It can increase one's height up to 6-10cm. The shoes contain no chemical medicine. This production is not medicinal shoe.
2. The heightening layer is invisible. With high layer in them, they feel no different than ordinary shoes.
3. The structural design is proportionate also streamline, and the insoles/heightening layers are made with elasticity material, so it is comfortable to the feet.
4. The ordinarily type of heightening shoes are without intakes, the ventilating type of heightening shoes are with intakes and more comfortable.
5. The technology of the heightening shoes is original with the China's patent.
You can see details regarding this heightening shoe and other many footwear if you go to our website: www.prentum.com

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interest in this item.

Best regards.

Mr. Long Tan
Prentum Developing Corp.
Guilin, China

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