[Samba] auto printer driver installation, launch an exe?

Barry Smoke barry at arhosting.com
Fri Aug 16 05:33:01 GMT 2002

We have a printer here(Xerox Maxlin Phase 860) that we are able to
install the print drivers automatically, but the printer has extra
features, such as ink tracking, per user, and extra management that is
nice for schools and businesses to track usage by users.

Is there any way to automatically start an executable instead fo
installing the printer dirvers...? We would like to auto-start the setup
program from the printer driver disk....

or, we could install it the way it needs to be installed on one of our
workstations, and use our imagecast software to create an auto-install
file, that duplicates that installation on any pc that auto-install file
is run on...

We only want this to happen if a user browses to the printer, and tries
to use it....

Is this possible?

Barry Smoke
District Network Adminsitrator
Bryant Public Schools

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