[Samba] Applying a Patch.

Martin (Tino) Peikert tino at nolog.org
Fri Aug 16 04:13:00 GMT 2002

Trevor Fraser wrote:
> Thank for the reply David.
> What did you mean by 'source directory'?  Is this /usr/src/ in RH 7.3?  And
> the patches I copied are blahblah.txt, how would this change things.
> Another thing, do I have to copy the file into the source directory before I
> # patch -p1....?
> Thanks, Trevor.

I think the following is what David wrote, I do not know exactly:

> most of the time, you would place yourself in the source dir and type
> something like patch -p1 < patchfile-name
> patchfile name being often something like blablabla.diff


please learn to quote. The 'source directory' is the directory 
containing the sources of the package you try to compile. And the _name_ 
of the patchfile, xxx.txt or xxx.diff, does not matter.

man patch

would be interesting, there is an explanation how patch works. Did you 
try that?


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