[Samba] RPM build errors:

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Fri Aug 16 01:47:00 GMT 2002

Hello all.

I am trying to in stall Samba-2.2.5.  I'm using RH 7.3 with the 2.4.18-3
kernel.  When I # sh makerpms.sh it shows a whole lot of stuff happening, I
didn't stay to watch, but when I returned I saw at the end:
check: blah....yes
error: Bad exit ......blah
RPM build errors:
        Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.64207 (%build)
I looked at the file, it belongs to root with read & write permissions.
Inside What would cause such an error?

Thanks, Trevor.
Stussy said:"Knowledge is King!

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