[Samba] samba & acl & xfs

Martin (Tino) Peikert tino at nolog.org
Thu Aug 15 22:54:01 GMT 2002

tony wrote:
> Hi, folks
> thank you for your advice, but I'm sorry to report that adding -lattr
> did not really help in spite of attr-dev being installed...

I use debian 3.0 too, and adding -lattr only didn't solved my problem 
when I tried to build a samba debian package with acl support.

First I tried to build the debian package (samba-2.2.3a) after apt-get 
source samba and editing the sources/configure file, debian/rules (here 
I added --with-acl-support) and debian/changelog - but when I made a 
dpkg-buildpackage in the directory samba-2.2.3a, it was the same as 
before: No ACL support. I took a look at the configure script again - my 
changes were gone...

So I edited the configure script again and removed config.cache, made 
./configure --with-fhs --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc 
--with-privatedir=/etc/samba --localstatedir=/var --with-smbmount 
--with-pam  --with-syslog --with-sambabook --with-utmp --with-readline 
--with-pam_smbpass --with-libsmbclient --with-winbind --with-acl-support
and got Posix acl support now. make && make install gave me a working 
samba installation with ACLs.

I'm still working on that - for me it's not enough that samba is working 
now, I want to build that debian package (I don't want to use 
dpkg-repack). I'll try to find where the configure script will be 
created - I think I should find that step in debian/rules, but this is 
just a guess.


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