[Samba] Re: WERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if more than 21 printers on enumprinters

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffer at kph.uni-mainz.de
Thu Aug 15 20:53:32 GMT 2002

Tim Potter wrote:

> Can you say which version of Samba you are using, which client etc?
> This would help with your other problems too.  Are you able to provide
> log files, network traces etc if necessary?

Should I still give you all this ? It will grow for some KB.

Should I poste all this to the mailinglists or referr to a HTML-Document
somewhere ?

What is the most importent for you ?

I'm using samba-2.2.5 with or without --enable-debug or, if you like,

I can give you recorded tcpdump's, as well as logfiles on debuglevel 10,
tgz's of the var/locks directory in all states and after each command.

Further I've spent 4 hours in source yesterday and added some more debug
in my own style... out = fopen("/tmp/out","a+"); fprintf(....

On the Client-Side I'm using Windows XP Professional Version 2002
(sorry, I'm no windows-expert).

Four major problems are left:

a) I you combine a printer with previously uploaded drivers from your XP
   XP will then upload the AGFA AccuSet v52.2 driver (the really first
one in the
   complete driverset windows comes with).
   Note: This does only occur if the printer is already defined in
   (and alternativly in /etc/printcap, printing = bsd)

   This does NOT occur if you 1st upload the drivers, 2nd create the
printer with 
   the APW and add the recommended lines with a perlscript to smb.conf
and printcap !!

b) If you add a printer with the APW and add the lines to smb.conf and
   I need to killall -HUP smbd after adding the lines. else samba does
   find the new printer when reparsing smb.conf !
c) Removing drivers from XP is not allowed as the "Remove driver" button
is not

d) If I want to remove the Agfa AccuSet v52.2 with the rpc deldriver I
get the
   same behaviour as reported on samba at lists.samba.org in
   Message-Id: < at imap.deanuk.net>
   From: Jonathan Dean <jon.dean at deanuk.net>
   Subject: [Samba] Removing Printer Driver on Samba 2.2.5 using
	deldriver "AGFA-AccuSet v52.3"
	Failed to remove driver AGFA-AccuSet v52.3 for arch [Windows 4.0] -

So what should I do ? 
What should I give you ? logs, var/locks/*, tcpdump, ...

Tell me.


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