REPOST: [Samba] queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won' t work

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Opps. I forgot to give you the thread --> RE: [Samba] my printers are still
paused in Win2k and WinNT 4.0. Jim Van Sickler and I work on this problem
for awhile.  I was a tough to find...If you have this working with a queue
with off in the name and are using LPRng please let me know!!!! I am in need
of a solution. I also forgot I tried samba-2.2.6 Pre 1. No dice still

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Is this true...
... Also watch out for queues with off in the name,, your queue will always
show "paused"
Myne is OfficeJet_K80
won't this work?  Please don't take this the wrong way, but how come you're
the first to mention it?
Cheers, Trevor.            


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