[2] [Samba] Samba for a Corporate File Server?

jra at dp.samba.org jra at dp.samba.org
Thu Aug 15 09:07:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 10:25:35PM +0930, Craig Peacock wrote:

> So if you intend to use it, test, test, test and test it with all the 
> software you are likely to use with it and keep it up to date. It's 
> still interesting to see so many people say I have 2.2.3a on their 
> production servers and have no problems. Either they have oplocks 
> turned off which is the cause for a lot of problems, or they are just 
> not customer focused. (or is perhaps blaming those irregularities on 
> the applications!) 

Remember that when you're using a Novell server you're using a
different client redirector than when you're using a Samba or
Windows 2000 server (one uses NCP, one uses SMB).

What you are referring to here as Samba bugs may actually be 
client redirector issues. Check out the W2K bug list from
Microsoft for a catalogue of such problems..... (there are many).

We keep tweaking the oplock code to emulate precicely what W2K
does, but there are also client bugs.


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