[Samba] Additional printer drivers

David Sweeney dave at emtex.com
Thu Aug 15 06:31:01 GMT 2002


I asked this question about 4 days ago and no one has replied yet, so 
sorry for asking
again... Brett, it seems you can do exactly what I am trying to do... 
when I right click
on the background of my server i get a message that says "The server 
[servername] does
not accept remote requests" I have searched google with a hundered 
different combinations
of this message with cups, samba, linux all thrown in for good 
measure... Do you or anybody
know what it wrong with my configuration?



Cates, Brett wrote:

>Ok, I feel like an idiot now LOL.  I found out what my problem was.  I was
>right-clicking on the printer and going to properties instead of
>right-clicking in the background and going to Server Properties.  If all
>else fails... RTFM  LOL.  Sorry for wasting everyone's bandwidth and time on
>this issue.
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>Ok, I have totally redone my system with Samba 2.2.5_3 on FreeBSD 4.6
>RELEASE.  I still can not get the Windows 9X drivers uploaded for my
>printer...  Is there a way to do this manually?  I don't remember this being
>that much trouble in the past.  Any suggestions would be greatly
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>From: Cates, Brett [mailto:BrettC at campbellhealth.net]
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>Subject: [Samba] Additional printer drivers
>  I am having trouble loading Win9x printer drivers on the Samba server.  I
>can load the NT/2000 driver ok, but when I go to the Additional drivers (in
>the printer properties) and select Win 95 or 98, it tells me "The printer
>driver you selected is either not compatible with your current version of
>Windows, or it may not be available.  Select a compatable driver from the
>list..."  I am using 2000 workstation to do this from...  I have also tried
>to load the driver via NT 4.0 server without success.  Anyone know any way
>around this...  I am using FreeBSD 4.6 Current and Samba 2.2.6 p1 from the
>ports collection.  I don't think it is a permission problem because I can go
>to my Print$ share and create/delete files from my 2000 workstation.  Here
>is my smb.conf:
># Global parameters
>        workgroup = CHS
>        server string = Test print server (Samba)
>        security = DOMAIN
>        encrypt passwords = Yes
>        password server = CTX-AS1 CTX-BG6 CTX-BG7 CTXEXCH
>        log file = /var/log/log.%m
>        max log size = 50
>        local master = No
>        dns proxy = No
>        wins server =
>        winbind uid = 10000-20000
>        winbind gid = 10000-20000
>        winbind separator = +
>        printer admin = @ntadmin
>        path = /usr/local/samba/printers
>        write list = @ntadmin,root
>        guest ok = Yes
>        comment = Home Directories
>        read only = No
>        browseable = No
>        comment = All Printers
>        path = /var/spool/samba
>        printable = Yes
>        browseable = No
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