[Samba] Power Failures or Spikes

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Thu Aug 15 06:16:00 GMT 2002

I think we'll need more info.

Is this the scenario?  The ups powers down the machine, and when it starts
up, the problem comes in, and you do a reboot and it comes right.  If this
is so, it sounds strange.  What is the difference between the two
procedures?  Why does the system shutdown when there's spike?  It should
just filter it.  Maybe I'm not reading your letter properly.

Do all the right modules load?  Type lsmod before and after the
powerfailure.  Does the eth0 load?  Type route -n before and after.

I've had a similar problem on our route, except reboot doesn't fix it.  It
doesn't load the Ethernet module, I run linuxconf and on exit it picks up
the problem and fixes it.  I should reconfigure the kernel, but due to
I also have a problem with the samba box not loading the new modules for the
tape drive, same solution necessary.  Now that I read this, it doesn't sound
like your prob at all.  Send more info.

Chow, Trevor.
One volunteer is as strong as ten hired men.

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