[Samba] On setting up printing...

Romeyn Prescott prescor at digirom.potsdam.edu
Thu Aug 15 05:25:02 GMT 2002


[new to this list]

I've used Samba for a couple of years but until now have never had 
occasion to deal with sharing printers.

I made the mistake of reading BOOKS on the subject which all deal 
with deprecated and soon-to-be-discontinued methods of distributing 
drivers to clients (Win9x --> 2000).  The documentation as provided 
with Samba (I've been perusing mainly the htmldocs) is fine as far as 
it goes, but seems lacking.  I can't for the life of me get the APW 
to show up on my Windows 2000 machine and I am not able to add 
drivers for other versions of Windows.

Also, the box I am configuring will be sharing over 125 printers. 
Will Samba handle this?

Can anyone recommend some more..."robust" docs on printer issues with Samba?


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