REPOST: [Samba] queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won't work

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Thu Aug 15 04:46:01 GMT 2002

Haven't heard any responses at all.  Stumped?  Or does it work for you 
and just not me?
Please let me know if you can, thanks

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Subject: queuepause/queueresume and w2k machines, won't work
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 11:56:32 -0400
From: daniel.jarboe at
To: samba at

RH 7.2 linux, LPRng, and samba 2.2.5-1 rpm, security = domain using 
winbind to auth to NT PDC, also connecting to an NT WINS server on a 
different subnet.  I discovered the reason the queuepause and 
queueresume wasn't working when I specified it ("/usr/sbin/lpc stop %p" 
and "/usr/sbin/lpc start %p") was because the file was being executed 
with the uid/gid of the login id rather than root as I would expect. 
 Please help.
1. How can samba execute queuepause and queueresume commands as root 
without a usermapping of each of the printer admins to root?  The 
queuepause fails silently otherwise.
2. With the temporary map to root in my smbusers file, the queuepause 
executes successfully, but from w2k the Status still shows 'Ready' 
instead of 'Paused.'  Furthermore, since w2k sees status 'Ready' instead 
of 'Paused', the 'Pause' remains on the pop-up menu and there is no way 
'Resume' to call... making it impossible to unpause samba shared print 
queues from the w2k machine.  Is this broken in Samba, or does it have 
something to do with my samba interface not supporting broadcast, or 
something else entirely?

Please help.  Thank you,
~ Daniel

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