[Samba] WERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if more than 21 printers on enumprinters

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffer at kph.uni-mainz.de
Thu Aug 15 02:08:35 GMT 2002

If I have more then 21 printers in smb.conf I get

[2002/08/15 12:30:50, 5] rpc_parse/parse_prs.c:prs_werror(618)

with the rpc "enumprinters".

What the heck is this ?

I did check samba.mbox, samba-technical.mbox and groups.google.com yet, 
but as far as my grep brings me, without success.

Other problems I'm fighting with is: 
- removing printerdrivers from a remote maschine (let's say XP)
  the button "remove driver" isnt allowed to be pressed.

- When combining a printer with a driver some XP maschines
  upload the AGFA-AccuSet 52.2 Driver (the really first one in
  the drivers list on the XP maschine)! Really cool.
  On some other maschines
  XP recognizes the uploaded driver for the printer and 
  successfully links the driver to the printer. sigh!

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