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	Anish Mathew
	NIC Pathanamthiita
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Dear Sir

	I have a network problem with my samba server that I would like to share with 
you for some technical help. My job includes Network administration web designing and 
software development. My problem with pinpoint details of or computer systems is as 

We have a Server machine based on Intel chipset running  the Red Hat 7.1 (Sea Wolf) OS 
which is acting as our PDC for our Win 98 clients and web server for the Windows NT 
Clients. After installing Linux in my home PC  I got fascinated with the OS and decided 
to shift from our earlier Win2000 Ad server. I have my Samba server version as 2.0.6. I 
used to run my smbd and swat from xinetd daemon and nmbd form one of my startup 
script rc.local with parameters –H and –D.

I made the PDC named as (netbios names) PTA  and the workgroup as NICGROUP 
using workgroup parameter of the smab.con file, and 4 clients as NICPTA1 (Linux 7.1 
again,Win 98 (dual Boot)) , NICPTA2 (Win98), NICPTA3( Win98) and finallyNICPTA4 
(Win 2000 Professional).
PTA is acting as the logon server for the Win98 machines. I can successfully  logon to 
the samba server from my win98 clients and share the mapped shares, and from my 
win2000 client I can share the resources of the samba server though I cannot logon to that 
PDC due to the still lack of support for NT clients logging on to PDC. From the PDC ie 
PTA samba server I can access all the machines except NICPTA1 when it is running 

When NICPTA1 is running Win98 I have no problem with network connection. From 
Linux on NICPTA1  I can access all other computers and share the resources, but the 
reverse cannot ie from the server and the rest of the Windows clients I cannot connect to 
NICPTA1 commputer( when Linux is the OS).

When I use ping from the machines PTA, NICPTA2 NICPTA3,NICPTA4 with netbios 
name of NICPTA1 it succeeds and ftp and telnet all work well.

When I used nbtstat from win clients I got “HOST Not Found” for NICPTA1 but the 
correct registerd type out put for the rest( PTA having 1b and the rest of type 20).

From NICPTA1  I use nmblookup –B PTA, 
nmblookup –B NICPTA2, nmblookup –B NICPTA3
all succeeded giving the correct IP address back, but when I omit the –B parameter it is 
not working for others except for its own.

I can connect to all other machines from NICPTA1( running LINUX OS) through SMB 
protocol  but the reverse I cannot.

From the main server our PDC named PTA I can connect to all clients other that 
NICPTA1 (when running Linux) and all the clients can connect back to PTA including 
NICPTA1( when running Linux too).
This is the problem I face here I hope u would provide me a work around for this.

Apart from the server(PTA) ‘s smb.conf file I made some changes to the smb.conf file of 
the NICPTA1 machine.

The changes are

I omitted entries like local master, domain logons, preferred master, os level etc 
security=user, wins support=yes

The new entries for smb.conf file of NICPTA1 machine is 

Password server=PTA
Wins server=PTA.

I had tried several trial and error methods for this problem.
I also joined NICPTA1 to the domain   named NICGROUP described above 
Using smbpasswd –a –m NICPTA1.
Earlier I created a machne account in my PTA samba server as

Useradd –g 100 –s /dev/false –d /dev/null NICPTA1$
Passwd NICPTA1$

These commands finished successfully.

From the network neighbourhood of windows clients I can see an entry for the NICPTA1 
machine and the description as Samba server.
But when I try to access it the response is “ Network error cannot connect to \\nicpta1”

Also when I use netuse command win 98 , it gave me output with an error number of 59( 
I think).

i have enabled my dns as normaly required dns for normal operation 
and the NICPTA1 computer has the interface named as NICPTA1 and hostname as NICPTA1.

i hope u would helop me


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