[Samba] Browse Master

Kurt Kleist kurt at discern.com
Wed Aug 14 08:37:00 GMT 2002


I'm having a problem where our samba host is loosing browse master elections
to a Windows 2K notebook that is transient to our network. In the smb.conf I
have set the following paramaters in the [global] section:

	local master = yes
	preferred master = yes
	os level = 255

After I made the above changes I restarted the host and at that time it won
the election and we could browse our Windows machines. Since then it has
apparently lost an election and is no longer the master.

Is there a way I can configure the Windows boxes to always loose the
election? Or have I done something wrong in the configuration of the samba

Thanks for your time.

Kurt Kleist
Sr. Software Engineer
Discern Communications, Inc.
333 Ravenswood Ave. EL319
Menlo Park, CA 94025
kurt at discern.com

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