[Samba] Mounting WIN2K user space on RH 7.3 Box

Rogelio J. Samour rsamour at mail.atu.edu
Wed Aug 14 06:34:01 GMT 2002

I have a RedHat 7.3 Box joined to a WIN2K PDC, I have it successfully
authenticating to this PDC using Winbind and on-the-Fly home directory
creation with pam_mkhomedir is also working fine. What I want to
accomplish is I want to mount //WIN2KUSERSPACE/USERS/ to
/home/winnt/PDC/ so that I can create a directory in the WIN2K comp
called 'redhat' where all the info regarding linux will reside, i.e. KDE
stuff, bash_profile, etc... I try to mount this as root but the other
users don't have access to the share except for read.. Any ideas? Thanks
in advanced.


Rogelio J. Samour (Roger)

Computer Services

Arkansas Tech University


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