[Samba] Windows XP domain logons with Samba as PDC - trust relationship problems

Rasmus Reinholdt Nielsen rasmus at narani.dk
Wed Aug 14 00:19:00 GMT 2002


first of all, tjeck that the registry patch has applied, if so, try to 
specify netbios over tcp/ip in your wins configuration on the XP box.


At 10:48 14-08-2002 +1000, Chris Nolan wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have setup Samba 2.2.3a on Mandrake 8.2 and have domain logons for my 
>Windows 2000 Pro box working perfectly (although I've had to move the 
>profile path to inside each user's home directory to avoid "Access is 
>Denied" errors during logon - suggestions welcome!).
>Whenever I try to join with one of my XP boxen though, the domain joining 
>stage works up until it comes time to add accounts to the local machine 
>for users on the domain.
>The domain is called COMOCON and the username I'm trying to add to the 
>local machine so that the network user can access it is chris. When I try 
>to add the user COMOCON/chris I get:
>"The trust relationship between the primary and this workstation has failed."
>To eliminate a few things:
>* The 2000 box logs on without a problem. This (hopefully) eliminates 
>problems with machine accounts being created correctly.
>* Machine accounts are created automatically by the "add user script" 
>* I have applied the Windows XP registry patch that is distributed with 
>the docs for this version of Samba.
>On another Windows XP box I have here, when I get to the step in the 
>wizard where you are asked about your machine name and machine domain, I 
>get a funky error concerning DNS and WINS (saying that the domain name 
>appears to be a NetBIOS name). On the Windows XP machines, the TCP/IP 
>properties have been specifically told where the WINS server is (ie. The 
>Samba box) after initially not doing so. The 2000 box has had nothing done 
>to it's default network configuration.
>All the machines on the LAN have static IPs and point to external DNS 
>servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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