[Samba] Possibly a bug

Marcelo Paternot Rodrigues paternot at snap.com.br
Tue Aug 13 10:20:01 GMT 2002

I believe that I've found a bug on Samba 2.2.3a. Sure, there is the 2.2.5 
version out there, but reading the changelog I couldn't find something that 
looked like what I've found.

Problem is:

Some files (very few of them, about 0,5%) are created, with 2 another copies. 
The file witch would be the real one is perfect. And we got "for free" 2 
corrupted copies of it, with the name mangled.
So, say we copy the file "testfile.txt". We should end with just one file, but 
what we got is something like

testfile.txt	-> This one is perfect
tes~1.txt	-> This one is useless (about 1 k in size)
tes2~1.txt	-> This one is useless too.

I couldn't found what makes this. What I found out is:

1) If a file is affected, is of no use to change its name - neither its 
2) If a file is NOT affected, is of no use to change its name - neither its 
3) If we open an affected file (say a bmp) and save it with the same name, as 
a bmp too, the problem is gone. Looks like it has some to do with byte order, 
or something eles that gets changed with a rewrite of its contents.
4) Size does not matter. I have found it with 400K files, html pages and have 
copied flawleesy an Oracle zip file, of 900 Mb and long filemane - and this 
monster went trough it perfectly.

My systems are: (both affected)

Conectiva 8
Samba 2.2.3a
Kernel 2.4.18
Both are up to date. Checked the vendor site to updates just 3 hours ago.

The hardware:

1) K6 2 350 with:
64 Mb RAM
6 Gb HD
Mainboard PCChips 598 (Sis Chipset)
Kernel standart, the one which came with the Distro.

2) Athlon XP 1900
512 Mb DDR 266 RAM
2 HD 80 GB each, using software RAID 1
Mainboard ABIT, KX7333R
Kernel recompiled, to athlon and + than 1 Gb of RAM (second memory is on the 

If you want, just ask me and I will send 2 or 3 files affected. If this is an 
already found bug, sorry for the inconvenience.

Keep up with this excelent work of yours

Best regards

Marcelo Paternot Rodrigues
paternot at sanap.com.br

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