[Samba]RE: [Samba] WinXP can't connect Samba_Server which can connect WinXP for files sharing

Robert Blayzor rblayzor at inoc.net
Tue Aug 13 07:42:03 GMT 2002

> WinXP can't connect Samba_Server but Samba_Server can connect 
> WinXP for 
> files sharing

Stupid question, is File and Print services enabled on the XP box?
> On Window Exploror. SEC and M40G shown up under MSWindows 
> Network.  But 
> IWILL disappears

So it shows up at one point, but then goes away?

> # /etc/hosts
> # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
> # that require network functionality will fail.
>       localhost.M2    localhost.localdomain
>     IWILL
> # /bin/hostname   [ENTER]
> localhost.localdomain
> The hostname "IWILL' does not show up ???

Well a couple of things here.  1) maybe your doing DNS lookup before
hosts?  Or 2) Set the hostname with superuser.

If you don't see your IWILL box, one thing to try is putting:

	   netbios name = WILL

In your smb.conf .. Perhaps that might do it.

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rblayzor at inoc.net

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