[Samba] Word and samba

Pascal pascal at vmfacility.fr
Tue Aug 13 03:33:00 GMT 2002

Le Lundi 3 Janvier 2000 22:39, Peter Barker a écrit :
> Greetings Group
> I think the Word crashing problem is quite common and does not confine
> itself to Samba as PDC. Running Word with any file open on a Samba server
> seems to invite trouble and file trashing.
> This seems to more of a problem with Win2000 and XP than Win9X and NT. I
> suspect that Micorsoft have "improved" the code to "optimise" performance
> for Micorsoft servers...

Maybe the behaviour of these new OS has changed from the old ones, but have to 
tried samba 2.0.7 instead of samba 2.2.x and did you see a change ... ?

samba 2.2 has apparently generalized its way to store internal stuff in tdb 
database... since this change we all experienced lots of freezen lock 
problems etc... I tend to think we have to look more closely at his new code 
in samba. It might be more stressed under win2k, xp / office than in other 

Try to open a unix fifo file for exemple in explorer with samba 2.2.5 ... wopp 
instant locking.tdb lock  :)

debug smbd processes for your client (yes there will be several smbd for the 
same client after a couple minutes) with strace and guess what happened...

> In my particular case we have found that "no oplocks" reduces the rate of
> file trashing...but am not sure if this totally fixes the problem yet. A
> very worrying syndrome for us Linux adminz.
> Advice on Microsoft word = send it back to Gates, (and you don't have to go
> to UniSex to know that is good advice). The more you struggle against this
> advice, the more work you make for yourself and the more money you give to
> Bill. Tell your superiors that if they must have f*#king Microsoft products
> on the net then perhaps they would like to f*#king fix them too.
> Years of long experience - Microsloth does not get any better with
> time..... ;0)
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