[Samba] Samba for a Corporate File Server?

Mark Vodden mark.vodden at clearchannel.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 02:31:02 GMT 2002

Hi Bill,

Ask a Microsoft person and they'll probably tell you the stability of the
two systems are the same.

Ask a Unix/Linux person with windoze experience (ie me) and they'll tell you
not to ask such silly questions! ;-)
It's far more stable than Windoze.  It may require a little effort at first
but it's worth it in the end.


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Hi guys,

I'm been following samba for six or seven odd months now in preparation for 
moving our organisation over to a file server which is a little more cost 
effective than the Micro$oft alternative.

We are currently running with about 30 users on a Windows 2000 Small 
Business Server. Do you see any problems in replacing this server with a 
linux box running Samba? Is the file system/server as stable as Microsoft or


I see some quite big players moving this way and would like to get the 
opinions of those that perhaps have made this move before we decide to go 
any further.


Bill William.

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