[Samba] PDC roaming profiles and templates

Lollingola lollingola at online.de
Mon Aug 12 10:19:01 GMT 2002


Thx for your quick response!

>> and use roaming profiles. But now my problem: I want several
>> "template"
>> profiles. I want to use several different pre-configured
>> base-profiles.

> at least with NT 4.0 you have to copy your default profile to a new
> user
> with "System" from the "Control Panel" to get the permissions of the
> files
> and the registry entries in NTuser.dat right.

Ok. Now I have done the following:

1) Configured a new template (with a red background) in the domain
2) logged in as "root" (who is in the admin group) in the domain
3) system -> control panel -> user profiles -> select template -> copy
to: \\fserver\profiles\foobar -> ok
4) useradd and smbpasswd for user "foobar"
5) chown foobar.users /mnt/profiles/foobar -R (/mnt/profiles is my
6) log in as "foobar" in the domain
7) set background from red to green/black/whatever ..
8) log out and in  ->  background is set back to red (!) again.

In conclusion this is the same effect as before when I tried to copy the
profile with a simple "cp" :(

Furthermore I've tried to delete the ntuser.dat, ntuser.dat.LOG,
ntuser.ini and even \"template-profile"\Anwendungsdaten\Identities\*
(dont know exactly how this folder is called in english) files on my
Nothing helped. Obviously windows uses the local stored ntuser.dat files
then, but if I delete this, I'm not able to select the template for a
copy process anymore.

I've tried for hours now don't now any further.

Again I thing something like this _should_ work and I dont know, why it
does not ...
Any help would be welcome.

Christian Kuhn

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