[Samba] ps2pdf "Print command" script trouble

Dennis dennis.moreno at pop.safetran.com
Mon Aug 12 07:35:01 GMT 2002


2.2.5, Sol 2.8
I have a perl script that I've written to convert a ps file to pdf file.
I want the user to be able to setup a postscript printer in WNT/2k and
convert ps files to pdf by printing to a [ps2pdf] printer share.

     comment = PS to PDF file in Home Directory
     path = /usr/spool/public
     guest ok = Yes
     print ok = Yes
     browseable = Yes
     printer = ps2pdf     <--There is no real unix printer named this.
     print command = /usr/local/samba.22/ssc/ps2pdf.pl %s %H
#   printer driver = Apple LaserWriter v23.0
     oplocks = No
     share modes = No

My problem:

When I run the script manually it works fine. But when I print to the
share, nothing happens. I change the print command to print out the
values of the % variables so I could see the variable substitutions were
occuring correctly and they were.

Here is my perl script:

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# ps2pdf.pl Description:
# A perl script that converts postscript files to pdf files
# It creates the pdf file in the directory specified.
# It needs the following arguments:
#       ARG1    $filename       %s
#       ARG2    $targetdir      %H

use strict;

if ($#ARGV == 1) {
         my ($filename,$targetdir) = @ARGV;
         my      $psin = "/usr/spool/public/" . $filename;
         my      $pdfout = $targetdir . "/" . $filename . ".pdf";
         my      $rc = 0xffff & system("/usr/local/bin/ps2pdf $psin
         my $message;
         if ($rc == 0) {
                 $message = "Succeeded.";
         } else {
                 $message = "Failed.";
         print "Conversion: $message\n";
         system("if [ -f $psin ]; then /usr/bin/rm $psin; fi");
} else {
         print "Usage: ps2pdf.pl [filename] [target directory]\n";

exit 0;

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong??


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