[Samba] Update -- Username to SID translation on Security Tab

James S. Martin james.martin at digex.com
Mon Aug 12 06:47:01 GMT 2002

Below is a message I sent out on Friday..  I've noticed something even 
stranger now-- if I attempt to remove the SID from the permissions 
window and hit "Apply" it dissappears for a moment and comes right back. 
  Also, If I remove it, then manually add myself to the permissions 
file, it shows up fine, but after I hit Apply, it goes back to the SID. 
  So I have two problems here, the Samba server doesn't seem to be 
translating the SID to domain username(but doesn't have a problem with 
the groups), and it also is not letting me change the permissions on a 
file which I own.  Any ideas?



I'm running Samba/Winbind 2.2.5.  I have the box joined into my NT 
Domain and everything is peachy.  I copied a file from my Windows box to 
the Samba and then clicked on properties and checked the permissions. 
First off, it took a while to retrieve the permissions, secondly the 
last name on the list was something like S1-2343-23423232-81238912389, 
which I believe is a SID.  Now I logged onto the box with a domain 
account that the Samba server belongs to.  Why isn't the permission list 
for that file mapping to the username of the account I logged in as? Why 
is it using the SID?



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