[Samba] administrator account on pdc is locked by samba

Torsten.Wally at mewa.de Torsten.Wally at mewa.de
Mon Aug 12 03:24:01 GMT 2002

Hello together!

I got a little problem with samba 2.2.3 on AIX.
Everything works fine for normal domain-users. But some users (with
notebooks) are working as local administrators. And everytime they try to
connect to a samba-server the administrator account on the pdc is locked
after a few connection-attempts of the user. That's no wonder since the
password delivered by the user with the local administrator differs from the
one on the pdc (windows 2000).

The configuration:

security = server
password server = sv_pdc
workgroup = mewa-group

I tried to work around this issue by saying "invalid users = administrator"
in the global section. But as I could seen in the log-file (with higher
logging-level) the password is FIRST checked (and rejected) and then
afterwards samba checks if the user is valid and denys access. But the
account is still locked.
Another idea, that didn't work, was to map the user administrator to a dummy
user. But as the documentation states, the username passed to the pdc is
STILL the original one, together with the wrong password. So this won't work

Sure, I could try using security = domain (if this works - I don't know),
but I've experienced several problems with this, so I want to stay with
security = server as this works well for all other users.

Does anyone have an idea?

Kind regards,

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