[Samba] Samba Open Server 5 package?

Scott Shackelford scott at customtransport.com
Sun Aug 11 13:46:01 GMT 2002

Did you install the VOL.00x version from the website? or just the tar.gz
file. I recommend the VOL using the custom installer since it configures the
/etc/services and rc.init scripts for you. Also, make sure you are not
running visionFS since it uses the same ports as Samba. I have Samba 2.2.5
running on 3 OpenServer machines (one 5.0.4, one 5.0.5 and one 5.0.6) and
one Unixware 7.1.2 machine. I installed the Skunkware then downloaded the
latest Samba code and compiles and ran without a hitch. Also if you are
using 5.0.4 with a 3com card, there are some problem with the original
driver that caused core dumps under high network I/O. (often Samba or
visionFS would cause this.) also on 5.05 and 6 some Intel Fast Ethernet
drivers had a similar problem. Hope this helps.

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  I'm having trouble installing Samba on a SCO Open Server 5 system.  I have
gone over the Skunkware CD and the Caldera Website.  I can find TAR'd
versions of SAMBA but for some reason it won't let me start smbd or nmbd
without giving me a core dump.

  Does anyone know either
  1. why I'm getting the core dumps
  2.  If there is a package install for OSv5.

  The reason I ask is I have set up SAMBA on 2 other systems but always from
a package this is my first time with TAR's and Source and it doesn't seem to
be going well.

  Bryan James
  Woodmans Food Market
  Network Administrator
  BJames at woodmans-food.com
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