[Samba] Ukrainian character "i" in Samba 2.2.5

Sergij Marchenko makar at ua.fm
Sun Aug 11 09:57:00 GMT 2002

Hello, Samba Team!

I have read such news:

> One item that got left out of the 2.2.4 release notes (and 2.2.5 sadly)
> is the support of both Ukrainian KOI8-U and CP1251 encodings. Both use
> the " client code = 1125 ". However, KOI8-U uses " character set = KOI8-U "
> and CP1251 uses " character set = 1251 ".

As far as I have understood, in the version 2.2.5 the Ukrainian "i" character
in titles of directories and files should correctly be mapped.

I have installed samba 2.2.5 on RedHat 7.0

But the maxima, that at me has left, what on a console Linux the Ukrainian
"i" character is mapped as "?", and on the clients Windows of a title of
files and directories are mapped the part of a file name is deformed -
disappears and in an extremity of a file name any garbage is added.

At me such of set-up smb.conf:

 # Global parameters
         client code page = 1125


         character set = KOI8-U


Please, help me to adjust samba!

I have intentions completely to refuse from Windows NT file service, but the
full support of the Ukrainian "i" character is necessary to me, for now only
it does not work :- (

Beforehand is grateful for the answer,

Best regards,

Sergij Marchenko
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