[Samba] File Not Found Errors

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Aug 11 02:50:01 GMT 2002

Why don't you just directly map the server's shares on your windows
Just some generic advice, since there is not much information in your letter
about how you have your samba shares configured.
oplocks = False      
strict sync = yes 
sync always       
into your smb.conf. These settings are not the default.
These belong in the share.
These options degrade performance, but, you don't sound like that is your
man smb.conf  
for the details.
You can quickly go to the sections on these topics with:
/    oplocks
Let the list know if this fixes your problem.

On Sat, Aug 10, 2002 at 06:25:53PM -0500, Lee Leahu wrote:
> Hello,
> I seem to be having a strange problem here.  First, I will describe
> my current computer system setup.  Second, I will describe the problem.
> Third, I will pose several suggestions contributing to the problem.
> Fourth, I will ask you to investigate this for your self in search
> of quick resolution. Fifth, I will attach relavent configuration files.
> I have a production web server running Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced
> Server and Microsoft IIS 5.0 web server.  Next I have my workstation /
> firewall running SuSE Linux 8.0 and Samba 2.2.4.  My workstation is a
> Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server.  Since I do my development 
> both on my Linux and Windows, I mount my production server's shares
> on my Linux box.  When I work off my Windows workstation, I simply
> share out my mounts from Linux to Windows.
> When I save my files from my Windows workstation onto my Windows
> server via my Linux workstation, I am constantly getting "404 File
> Not Found" errors for pages that I just saved.  I end up having to
> re-save the file several times before the web server sees and 
> processes the file.
> Is there some sort of delay or file locking going on here?  Is this
> a bug with Samba or NetBIOS, or just a mis-configured setting?
> Please look into this quickly since this is becoming increasingly
> frusterating in my development efforts.
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