[Samba] Samba Printing + LPRng Issues

odc oldirtychinaman at myrealbox.com
Sat Aug 10 14:09:01 GMT 2002


I've got a domain setup working (more or less) with shares and accounts
as they should be.

However, I've come across two problems (so far).

When I click on the 'lp' share which is the printer, I get an 'Access
Denied' error.  However, when I send a print job -- it prints properly.
Please note, there's the Samba server is connecting to a local LPRng
client-server, which forwards jobs to another LPRng server for final

Another issue, is the path for the printer is set to /tmp, (this is the
only way I could get domain account printing to work, /var/spool ...
just would not).

Anyway, when a print job is sent, the temporary file/spools created in
/tmp are not cleaned up properly and are left till the end of time ; p.
What's the workaround for this ?

Thanks in advance.

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