[Samba] How to mount a resource with non ascii chars??

Michael Cuff mcuff at jareva.com
Sat Aug 10 04:58:45 GMT 2002

Hi Samba Users,
After searching through recent archives, I'd like to pose this question:

How does one smbmount a Windows a share with non-ascii letters in the 
share name?

Let's say the target is Windows 2000 Pro Deutsch (German).
It has two shares: /data and /däta [d,umlaut-a,t,a]

 From Redhat linux 2.7.4 and 2.4.18 I try to mount these directories.
mount -t smbfs -o 'username=Administrator,password=' // 
/mnt/data works, no problems.

However, mount -t smbfs -o 'username=Administrator,password=' 
//äta /mnt/data1 always fails with ERRDOS ERRNosuchshare

Smbmount versions 2.2.1 and 2.2.5 have the same behavior.
I've tried adding iocharset=utf8 and various codepages.

Is there any way to encode the 'share' string passed to smbmount?
Encoding would very good, as it affords japanese (etc.) characters also.
Is there some utf-8 to unicode translation that I'm missing?
I noticed smbmount uses strchr() to fetch the resource name. Do I need 
to trigger a specific locale or something?

Any education/help is greatly appreciated.

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