[Samba] Bad NT connection problems!

Stephen C. Biggs yyyyy50 at hotpop.com
Thu Aug 8 21:36:10 GMT 2002

I wrote before and was unclear as to exactly what my problem is.

Now, I know more.

I have a test user (TEST) on NT4 and I know that the password is ok on NT 
because I logged on as this user once just to check.

When trying to access the shares from a "Map Network Drive" window, I am 
getting rejected by Samba because of PAM authentication, even though I 
have "obey pam restrictions = no".  I am using the exact password that I 
entered via smbpasswd when I am logged in for this user on Linux.

Coming back the other way to NT gives me a password authentication fault.

Can anybody point me as to where to look to solve this problem??  This is 
too weird given that there are so many Samba installations working.

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