[Samba] still winbind! plz...

tony tony.n at web.de
Thu Aug 8 13:30:37 GMT 2002

Okay, thank you all for your help,

especially to you, Goetz! But I fixed this problem today (after 7 days
of searching (haystack,needle)).
It was just this document you pointed to, Goetz, that a colleague
found today on Google-Groups. The point that was missing, was the
>> Click on the "Change" button and select
>> the "Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access" group. Check the box next
>> to "Allow pre-Windows 2000 computers to access this account."
thing. None of the documents I've read so far told to do this. Folks
were talking about doing "smbpasswd -j DOM -r DC [-U ...]" which
SIMPLY DID NOT WORK neither on debian nor on redhat, neither in binary
dists nor by compiling the source... IT HAS BEEN THAT SIMPLE!!!
Well I've always tried putting the Machineaccount into the mentioned
group with the Groupmanager, and by checking the "...NT3.51/NT4.."
cheackbox, and just did'nt realize the grayed Groupfiled with the
"change" button.

Everyone having this problem should try the already mentioned

I was damn close about killing this red-hat-ed - samba-dancing
latino-monstress in my head, when it turned beatiful again...

bye folks

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