Fw: [Samba] MSDFS Error with Windows 2000

Shirish Kalele kalele at veritas.com
Thu Aug 8 11:57:02 GMT 2002

Resending to the list..

> Yes, this was because the clients don't use the ConsumedCount sent in the
> DFS referral to decide how much of the DFS path is being redirected. The
> latest msdfs/msdfs.c's in the HEAD and 2_2 branches have workarounds for
> this.
> Or if you prefer, samba-alpha-15 has cvs revision 1.28 of msdfs.c, the fix
> is in revisions post-1.29.
> - Shirish
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> Subject:  [Samba] MSDFS Error with Windows 2000
> From:     "Harlan Richard C" <HarlanRichardC at JohnDeere.com>
> Date:     2002-08-07 19:10:55
> I am running Samba-alpha-15, hosting multiple DFS roots. The system is
> integrated into Active Dictory.
> Every once in a while I have a group of users getting DFS errors that say
> the folder has either been moved or removed. Once I run DFSUTIL from the
> 2000 support tools and blow the cache away, the system will work with the
> DFS again. Have you guys run into this problem using MSDFS and Windows?
> Thanks
> > Richard Harlan
> > Network Engineer

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