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PLease, please help.
I am running Rh 6.2, Samba 2.2.4 as a PDC and I have been upgrding my clients to XP over the last week (company holidays! - except for me!).
I can join to the Domain using Registry Edit (Sign or Seal) and I am not using roaming profiles to start with so I have blanked out the logon path and logon home in my smb.conf.
My problem is relating to the user profiles.  When the user logs in they enter their username, password and domain (domain being the name of the Samba Workgroup in smb.conf).  Windows creates a local profile on their PC OK but when I try to make some changes to the User via the User tab in Computer Management that user does NOT exist because it is NOT a local user - the user is on the Linux Server.   Then when I add a new user but specify the domain as the Samba Workgroup name it only gives me the options for type of user (standard, power etc) and nothing about profiles, logon paths etc.
Note: sometimes windows creates the username as joebloggs and on other pcs it creates it as joebloggs.domainname - why?  Then when I want to rename the joebloggs.domainname to joebloggs it says its a system folder!?
Should I create local users on each PC?  or should I change something else on the Linux Server for the User account?
I am also experiencing some problems with users opening some Program Files - they only have read access...... What is the equivalent in Linux of the Windows Power User?  How do I set this?
If I have completely lost you Im sorry - im just going in circles and am running out of time...... and Im struggling....

 Another problem is that when users try to connect to each others PC's Windows XP gives the error - NO logon Servers were availabel to service your request......

Im losing it..................
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