[Samba] Help/Note: Bug in samba-2.2.5/msdfs

Shirish Kalele kalele at veritas.com
Wed Aug 7 16:33:02 GMT 2002

Hi Gunther,

I need a Samba level 10 log to find out what's going on. Could you do the

* Introduce the msdfs root parameter back into smb.conf
* Set the debug level of the server to 10
* Restart the parent smbd, or alternatively: send a HUP signal to the
parent smbd.
* Reboot the NT-client.
* Perform the operations you do to get the error you mention below.
* Send me off-list the log file generated for the NT-client.
* Could you also send me the exact smb.conf file you are using for the log
file generated?
* If you can, also send me a snoop trace of the exchange between the
server and the NT-client (use -s 1600)


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Subject:  [Samba] Help/Note: Bug in samba-2.2.5/msdfs
From:     Gunther Hess <ghess at elmos.de>
Date:     2002-08-07 21:56:02

Hi out there,
             we have detected a bug in Samba-2.2.5, full details
are in the attached files, but apparently the follwing snippet
is the most important part of it:

   comment              = Common Tree Rev 1.3
   path                 = /var/samba/common/%a
   msdfs root           = true
   read only            = no
   public               = no
   browseable           = yes
   create mode          = 0775
   force directory mode = 2770
   veto files           = /.hidden/
   invalid users        = root

If I use this share on a Windows-NT client (Service Pack 6) and try
to create a new directory, it fails, since the server process tries an

  mkdir <servername>/<sharename>/<path-to-newdir>

Removal of the parameter "msdfs root" and a Windows-NT-Reboot later,
the problem vanishes.

Win2k and WinXP behave o.k. Win95 too, but it's not msdfs-aware (At least
not with this samba). Win98 shows the same Problems as NT and is msdfs

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